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Les Consultants Dynamique was founded in 1998, by Ivan Cardoso and Paolo Carciero, with the mission to develop a team of dedicated specialists, who are committed to offering personalized services on an individual basis to people who are in need of assistance in filing claims to the CSST, the SAAQ, the RRQ, IVAC, or with accident insurance claims. Over the years, Les Consultants Dynamique has evolved, updating to conform to new legislation or approaches, as well as having associated themselves with a variety of legal and medical professionals, who also believe in acknowledging the rights and needs of individuals.

We have assisted an array of clients, throughout all of Quebec, and each client has benefitted from our expertise as we have taken charge of their file, submitting all documentation related to the case, while consistently following-up on their claim, and keeping each client informed of the progress of their claim. We counsel, support, and work in collaboration with our clients through every step of the process until the file is closed.


"Our personalised service is what makes the difference."

Some examples of what personalised means:

  • We assess each case individually
  • We counsel you on whether or not you have a claim that may be eligible for compensation
  • We tailor our services to your needs
  • We assist you to obtain and file all pertinent documentation available
  • We provide the information you need to assist you in making the right choices
  • We respond to all your questions in a timely manner
  • We keep you informed about every step of your claim
  • We arrange legal representation, if necessary
  • We arrange medical examinations, if necessary
  • We accompany you to medical examinations, if necessary
  • We explain the rulings or decisions that have been made by the organization to which you filed a claim


Contact Info

Les Consultants Dynamique

4235 Rue Beaubien Est
Montréal, Québec
H1T 1S5
Tel: 514-323-1137

Fax: 514-323-6709



"... the people at LCD were professional and took the time to explain each step along the way.  I couldn't have been happier..."

                Normand, DDO